Noida news: Fire broke out in a hut due to gas cylinder explosion in Noida, 2 children died due to burning, condition of 4 critical

Noida news: A painful accident took place on Sunday morning in Noida, adjacent to Delhi, where a massive fire broke out in a slum due to a cylinder blast. Two children died and 4 people were seriously injured in the fire. The incident took place in JJ Colony, Sector 8, Noida in the morning. It is being told that the flames were so strong that the children could not even come out of the slum. Other people of the house who were badly burnt in the fire were somehow pulled out. On receiving the information, the team of fire brigade somehow managed to control the fire.

Fire brigade vehicles reached the spot, you got control

On receiving the information after the fire, the police reached Mackay with the help of the fire brigade and the local people, admitted the injured to a nearby hospital, where a 12-year-old boy and a newborn girl, who were only 12 days old, were both injured during treatment. died. On the other hand, 4 people who were seriously burnt by the fire were referred to Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi for first aid. Preliminary investigation by the police revealed that the house caught fire due to the explosion of a gas cylinder.

2 children died due to fire
The fire brigade official present at the spot said that the fire in the slum was caused due to leakage in the gas cylinder. The fire has been brought under control. Two children were trapped in the flames. After extinguishing the fire, those children were taken out of the slum. The children were badly burnt. The fire brigade official said that in a hurry, with the help of the police, the injured were admitted to a nearby hospital for treatment, where both the children died during treatment.

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