Dengue and Viral: When the weather changed, dengue and viral started spreading, 146 cases of dengue positive

Dengue and Viral: The mischief of the weather has affected everyone’s health. Due to sudden fluctuations in temperature, sometimes there is a feeling of heat in the atmosphere and sometimes cold due to which people are falling ill. So there viral and dengue have also started spreading their foot.

Dengue and Viral: About 550 patients are getting admitted daily in the hospital

Viral and dengue have become active with corona patients now due to change in weather. More than 550 people are reaching the OPD of Civil Hospital daily. In OPD, 40 to 50 are suffering from viral cough and cold. The rest include suspected patients who got tested for corona.

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At present, this time along with corona, dengue sting has also become active in the district. According to the Health Department, samples of 325 suspected dengue patients were taken in the hospital’s lab this season, in which 146 dengue patients have been confirmed so far.

Dengue and Viral: Viral and dengue stings became active with Corona

These days ward number 113 located on the first floor of the civil hospital has been made a dengue ward in which 10 dengue patients are admitted for treatment. On the other hand, 10 patients of viral fever are admitted in ward no. The demand for blood has also doubled.

Talking about the blood bank of Civil Hospital, despite the availability of SDP machines here, people are not taking platelets cells from here. While 10 to 15 people who are dengue positive and suspected getting treatment in civil hospital and private hospitals are getting platelets on daily basis.

Dengue and Viral: Blood units become expensive

At the same time, 35 to 40 blood units are being consumed daily from a private lab in the city and 10 to 15 blood units from the blood bank set up in a private hospital in the city.

At the same time, the civil hospital management is also not showing seriousness in getting the correct status information about lack of blood issue and lack of platelets cells as per the demand from the blood bank. Because of which people are being forced to buy platelets from private blood at an expensive rate.

Dengue and Viral: Symptoms and Prevention of Dengue

CMO Dr. Amrik Singh Sandhu told people to wear full sleeve clothes, keep coolers, pots and tanks clean. Consume vitamin rich food items as much as possible. Do not take any medicine lying at home on your own.

Loss of appetite, tiredness, cough, body breakdown are the main symptoms of viral fever. On the other hand, there is pain in the head

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